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Bitcoin payment guide

all payments for upgrade services are pay to this wallet1N4Y6cpMkJnwtAhL6dAfQzSTP49noH85nz.

All Payments to our Exchange is Done using Bitcoin Payments all Upgrades, and credits ads services within 24 hours of posted payment to blockchain 1N4Y6cpMkJnwtAhL6dAfQzSTP49noH85nz

after payment is copy proof of payment in bitcoin send through contact.php please submit your user and your email that you for login this fair simple process.

why bitcoin for years paypal cause many issues with online website traffic exchange, banner exchange any business they dont agree with the rise of bitcoin its new day for online business we have took the early step and compete removal paypal from out site when come to payments

What if I dont have bitcoin account well that easy to fix sign up below all never give out blockchain wallet id only your wallet

| Get blockchain.com Account

We Look Forward Too service your traffic and ad needs oh welcome wrangler traffic were we give 300% more than the others


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