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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I earn credits ?
You can earn credits surfing other sites by clicking "auto surf or manual surf your choose

How do I refer others?
Login to your member area and click "My Referrals

how to promote
top menu get your banners, splash pages and referral URL to promote this our site.

Can I sell the credits I have earned?
This feature allow you resell your credits in exchange for bitcoin credit amount must been 25000 send request to admin with your bitcoin wallet address 1000 credits = 0.00000004 bitcoin along with your bitcoin wallet address 0.00000001 fee per sale min sale is 25,0000

How do I earn coins?
exchange 1000 credits = 0.00000004 bitcoin send support ticket to sell credits for bitcoins along with your bitcoin wallet address 0.00000001 fee per sale

Getting Started - step by step:
Getting Started - step by step: Join up for free by clicking the "Sign Up" button on the site. Important: Please note that Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL email addresses may not work with our software and you may NEVER receive your activation email with those email addresses! We recommend you use a different email address, such as your ISP address, Gmail or Myway. Wait a few minutes for your Activation Email. Click the activation link in the email to confirm your address. Log in to your account at wranglertraffic home page with your email and password. Click on Start Surfing to earn coins.

Do you allow international members to join?
Yes, we allow members from all countries to join our program.

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