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Terms and Conditions

By using wranglertraffic.info, you agree to the following:

1. Only 1 registered account per computer. If we detect multiple accounts from a single IP, they will be deleted.

2. Websites with adult content (nudity) as much as word content then pictures that state nudity will NOT be accepted in the rotations.
Not only are the not accepted, they will not be tolerated, resubmit them to many times and your account will be DELETED, Without NOTICE!

3. Frame breakers, prompt boxes, pop-ups, download prompts, exploits, rotators, or any other disturbance that could stop surfbar are NOT accepted in the rotations.

4. you the Member Agree Donating a Share of your Computer’s Unused processing power to support this exchange this will mostly go unnoticed .services you in this is coinpot and coinhive

5. Websites with sounds, Music, small video will be accepted in the rotations at the limit of One (1) per website.

6. Administrator reserves the right to refuse any other content, judged NONE suitable for the public rotations.

I ask all surfers, to report any websites that do not respect these terms, I will compensate every website reported with 250 free credits, if it does in fact not conform to these terms.
If any members have suggestions on what they believe should be modified, please let us know and we will consider it.


This site is supported by coinpot&coinhive

By continuing you agree to donate surplus resources.

This will not impact your browsing experience.

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